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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Copper Surface, Black Chrome Heat-Absorbing Board, Perfect for Sunshine Copper surface, black chrome heat-absorbing board, good optical properties. Sunshine can be exchanged to heat energy in high efficiency.  Top Level Heat Efficiency, Enjoy Warmth from SunshineSolar absorption rate reaches 92%, emissivity is only 8%, energy saving and low carbon release to make comfortable enjoyment.

Product parameter

Absorber paint layer material: Black chromeAbsorber materials: 0.15/0.3 mm Copper plate or 0.15/0.3 mm Aluminum plate
Area of heat collector: 2/2.42 sq m
Effective area of heat collecting: 1.83/2.18 sq m
Liquid capacity of heat collector: 1.4/1.7 L 
Glass thickness: 3.2/4 mm  
Maximum operating pressure: 6 Bar 
Maximum testing pressure: 15 Bar 
Wide open temperature: 200 °C 
Weight: 41.5/42 kg
Size Dimension: 2000 x 1000 x 80(mm)/2200 x 1100 x 94(mm)

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